Does this describe you?

Ideal ADEPT Clients

If so, you sound like a natural therapist.

  • Do people sometimes tell you that you’re too sensitive?

  • When you were younger, did other people’s emotions sometimes overrun you and even get you into trouble?

  • Is your deep empathy balanced by a logical and practical side?

  • Do you have clients in pain who seem to need what only you can provide them?

  • Do you use your thoughtfulness to protect, maintain, and strengthen your relationships?

  • Do others consider you grounded and genuine?

  • Are you compelled to keep growing until you’ve reached your full potential?

If that describes you, then you’re in the right place. ADEPT Psychology was built to help you. You may be a very good therapist, but you undoubtedly still have problems. Maybe your clients’ issues are weighing on you. The insurance jungle is a nightmare. You’re working long hours seeing clients and feel like you’re burning out faster than you’re getting ahead. You feel misunderstood and stuck. If that also sounds like your experience, then come inside and discover what we’ve developed here to help you reach your goals and get your life back.