Transform Into Your True Self


Alchemist holding a glowing orbThe Latin Word adeptus – from which we get the English work adept, meaning proficient or expert – first referred to the Master Alchemist.

The guy (in those days, they were all guys) who turned lead into gold. More importantly, the guy who transformed everyday people into the best versions of themselves.

As the resident adeptus at this practice, I’ve learned many secrets, a few of which I will share here with you here:

  • Humans have every possible state of consciousness available to us at all times.
  • We get stuck in only a few of them because of our preferences and attachments.
  • Emotions are energetic, your True Self is consciousness itself, and consciousness is energetic.
  • Healing starts at the level of compassion.
  • Your True Self is hiding behind the emotional patterns you’ve attached to.
  • Therefore, if you want to live as your True Self, you must release or resolve the emotions that are preventing it.
  • Most, but not all, of those emotions relate to unmet desires.


I’ve also learned that empaths and other highly sensitive people – who make up the majority of my clients – have been fed a bunch of lies.

Our role is not to take on others’ emotions.

Taking on others’ emotions makes everything worse, for both the empath and the person whose emotions they were.

If you decide to work with me, these are among the tasks I can help you accomplish:

  • Dissolve the emotional load you’ve been carrying for others
  • Quit taking on others’ emotions…while becoming a more effective healer in the process
  • End the control fear and anger have in your life
  • Release your attachments to control, security, and approval
  • Attain states of self-healing at will
  • Transform ordinary empathy into Healing Compassion
  • Reside in lasting states of inner peace and tranquility
  • Resolve your life’s traumas
  • Clarify your Life Mission

The quickest, most efficient, and neat expensive way to get started on those goals is to enroll in my signature group program, Unburden Your Soul, when it runs again. Let me know if you’d like to be out onto the waiting list.

I also have individual coaching packages available, if that’s preferable.

If you’d rather take your time to decide if we’re a good fit, that’s totally understandable.
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Whatever you decide, let’s get you started toward your best possible life!