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About ADEPT Psychology

ADEPT Psychology.

There’s intention behind the name.


Adept comes from a Latin root.

An Adept’s the alchemist who transforms base metals into gold.

Or a base person into their Real Self.

Psychology comes from a Greek root, meaning “the study of the soul.”


ADEPT Psychology serves a specific type of person.

Who wants to live their best possible life.

With meaning and purpose.

Love and joy.

Compassion and gratitude.


Forgiving themselves.

Forgiving others.

Forgiving the past.

Grateful for the past, and the lessons it’s taught.

Even the ones that hurt.

Especially the ones that hurt.


ADEPT Psychology doesn’t offer therapy.

Therapy helps people cope better.

You don’t want to cope better.

You want ultimate freedom.

You want to come home to your Real Self.


Remove the blocks that keep your Real Self from emerging.

Those blocks started as disturbing emotions.

Those emotions led to beliefs and habits.

Which helped you avoid your early pain.


Most people stop growing emotionally when they’re kids.

They don’t know how.

It feels too painful.

So they stop.


But you can grow now.

You’re not a kid anymore.

What was bigger than you then isn’t bigger than you now.


You won’t grow by learning something new.

You’ll grow by letting of what no longer serves you.

  • Overwhelm.
  • Resentments.
  • Doubt.
  • A victim mentality.
  • Unconscious drives.


To make room for your Real Self.

  • Love.
  • Joy.
  • Compassion.
  • Serenity.
  • Pure consciousness.


After letting go of what you’re not,

What’s left behind is who you Really Are.

Who you were always meant to be.

Only Spirit knows who that is.


  • A disempowered young Saudi woman began empowering young Saudi women.
  • One woman traumatized by African civil war started an art coaching practice.
  • One traumatized by sexual abuse began helping people with sexual issues.
  • One started a church movement to provide the sexually different a spiritual home.


These changes often happen quickly, without warning.


Deep down, you’ve always known who you are, deep down.

Let’s get that person out there.

Let’s get you home to yourself.


Don’t let your voice talk you out of it.

That nagging, doubting voice that wants you to stay the same.

Powerless and overwhelmed.

That scared child voice.


If you’re not important to yourself now, when will you be?

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