Steven G. Brownlow's pictureSteven G. Brownlow, Ph.D. attended three different graduate schools.

He left his first Ph.D. program – back when Behaviorists walked the earth – with a Terminal Master’s Degree in Social, Personality, and Developmental Psychology. He wanted to study emotions at a time the university barely tolerated studying cognition. He was invited to leave.

His second grad school allowed him to turn that Master’s Degree into becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor and later to add a Supervisor credential.

His third grad school was another Ph.D. program, this time in Clinical Psychology. Though in truth, by that time studying emotion was accepted in psychology and he tied most of his studying, writing, and research efforts into making sense of – and furthering – the emotion research.

His doctoral dissertation was The Effects of Recalling and Ruminating About Previous Humiliating Experiences on Cortisol Levels.

He always had a sense emotional mastery related to spiritual growth somehow, but was never clear exactly how. Though his emotion work was grounded in science, he had learned to channel his Higher Self, and later began conversing with Ascended Masters. He calls them his Ascended Mastermind.

It wasn’t until he realized just how much emotional baggage most people carry around that he understood the extent to which our emotional attachments prevent us from remaining connected to our Higher Selves. That became the focus of his work.

One day he read an email stating the empath is meant to take on the poisoned emotions of the world to somehow transform them into love. The Ascended Mastermind spoke up to object, telling him that isn’t it at all. Empaths are bodhisattvas in training. We’re here to lead the world to higher consciousness. Back to their souls.

Now he helps empaths overcome the emotional junk preventing that.

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