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About Steven Brownlow


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What can I tell you about me?

How does anyone sum themselves up?


If I have an unusual power, it’s this:

I can feel what you’re experiencing.

Including your blocks and conflicts.

And guide you past those blocks and conflicts.

Often with a single piece of Truth that makes your jaw drop.


Clients have noticed my calming and peaceful presence.

Steadiness when they’re in the grips of their internal dramas.

The sensitivity they experience and the wisdom they hear.

And most of all, the deep knowledge that they’re experiencing Truth.


I feel most myself when I’m helping others feel most themselves.

Finding their purpose and communicating it to others.

In every movement they make.


Most people don’t see peace, beauty, and wholeness in themselves.

They see brokenness.


Not good enough.

Not enough, period.


I see how beautiful they are, right now.

How radiant they’ll be once they let themselves be themselves.

How different their life will be once they see themselves the way Spirit does.

And how close that life already is.


Just by letting go of the small things holding them back.

Like their stories.

Or resentments.

Or need to be right.


Helping them find their Real Self.

Pure consciousness.

That’s what makes life worthwhile.


People ask for relief from their pain.

And then remember who they are.

Peace and love.

Joy and freedom.

Power and compassion.

The Real Self.


Because that’s the Truth about us.

All of us.

And that Truth helps us release the lies we tell ourselves.

That we can’t do it.

That we’re not good enough.

That we’ve got problems no one else could understand.


Life has shown that we’re all amazing and capable.

Underneath it all, we’re whole.

We’re divine manifestations of pure Spirit.

All of us.

Including you.



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