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Who ADEPT Helps

You want help.

I want to help you.

IF you’re serious about getting better.

Here’s how to know for sure.


You’ll get great results if:

  • uncovering and creating the best version of You is your burning ambition
  • you’re self-motivated
  • you take responsibility for yourself
  • you understand that everything worthwhile requires effort and practice
  • you can stay focused on the only thing you control – your next response
  • you trust the process
  • you remember that growth often occurs in dramatic spurts
  • you’re willing to fall on your face a few times while you explore your inner world
  • you pay attention to your body’s messages


Your results will take longer and/or be less satisfying if:

  • you withhold information
  • you make excuses for unproductive habits
  • you blame others
  • you expect magical results without effort
  • you’re unwilling to face your fears
  • you’re ready to quit at the first sign that things are getting better (or slowing down)


We won’t work together if:

  • you’re playing games
  • you’re not motivated to get better
  • you don’t appreciate what you’re being offered
  • you’re shopping for a bargain


As for the last point –

My fees are reasonable.

I’ll even negotiate them within reason.

If anything I’m a soft touch.

But if your priority is saving money –

And not becoming the best version of you –

Then ADEPT is a bad fit for you.


It’s a values conflict more than a financial one.


If this speaks to you, there’s just one thing left to do.

Schedule an assessment via Zoom.

There’s a refundable deposit.

So people keep that first appointment.

If you do I’ll refund it promptly.

Or apply it to our work together.

Whichever you’d prefer.


What are you waiting for?

Schedule your interview!

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